Managing a Hispanic Workforce

In the United States, companies throughout business and industry are experiencing the extraordinary impact of over 35 million Hispanics as employees and customers.

To ensure financial success and effective productivity,  employers and supervisors must understand differences in working with a Hispanic workforce. Participants will be encouraged to exchange concerns and solutions in this interactive seminar.

Key topics include:

  • Body language: issues regarding personal space, physical contact
  • Time concepts: meeting deadlines, schedules, and appointments
  • Differing work practices: boss-worker relationships, following work procedures, culturally appropriate ways to correct employees
  • Sexual harassment issues: the cultural influences on roles of men and women in the workplace
  • Social expectations at work: Culturally appropriate ways of interacting with Latin American employees

Customization for Your Company Available

We can provide customized cultural diversity training at your workplace, specifically for your businessí cultural diversity issues. We build a workshop that is both applicable and solution-oriented to your businessí unique environment. The workshop includes a cultural resource packet of information which is referenced frequently throughout the session.

This is just one program that Shay teaches. She provides programs to both Hispanic and American audiences where both cultures are able to learn about one another. Programs include language instruction and  adapting to the American culture for Hispanic employees. Her company also provides Spanish translation services.


If you work with a Hispanic workforce, donít miss this class.

Tuesday, April 25
1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Kalos Financial Group
2400 Southeast C Street, Bentonville

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Special Introductory Rate: $49 per person

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Seminar Facilitator

Shay Lastra

Having provided customized cultural diversity training to business and industry for over 15 years in both the United States and Mexico, Shay is well-qualified as a presenter and cultural training coach. In all of her programs, she uses personal experience and humor are used to enhance the understanding and to broaden the participantsí awareness of their own cultural tendencies.

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