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Thank you for the Arkansas-Oklahoma divisional meeting of the International Association of Administrative Professionals. Here are presentations from the guest presenters.

For information on bringing any of these speakers to your next meeting at your company or organization, please contact Carrie Perrien Smith at Soar with Eagles at 479.636.7627 or carrie@soarhigher.com.

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Show up Strong:  Your Impact in Outcomes and Opportunities

In the competitive business world of today, the natural laws of cause and effect have run amok. Rather than being ourselves and allowing natural order to take its place, we often relinquish our power by becoming who we think we need to be to win in the situation. The result is lost opportunities and alternate outcomes. In this program, Kim will teach you how to show up without showing off, how to have a bigger impact at work, and how to create the future that allows for the most opportunities and the most success, professionally and personally.

Click here to listen to Show up Strong: Your Impact in Outcomes and Opportunities


Kimberly T. Hodous, Founder, Big Time Impact

Kim HodousAs a former high school history teacher, Kim Hodous had zero business experience. However, from her kitchen table, she built a seven figure business in less than seven years. Her jewelry designs have appeared in over ten million catalogs and her work was recognized in 2007 when she was inducted into the Arkansas Small Business Hall of Fame. Kim believes that how you show up in every situation sets the stage for the impact you make within your organization. With humor and insight, Kim shares her secrets for success that allow you to chart your own course through the sometimes arduous business world, while remaining true to who you are. To learn more about Kim, please visit her website at www.bigtimeimpact.com.

Be the Difference: It Only Takes One!

Organizations strive to have the best people on their team. Do you and other individuals on your team have personal goals that coincide with the team's goals? Is there a desire to develop personally? People are looking to make their mark in this life but many have lost their focus and passion. The message of "Be the Difference!" will inspire you to stretch yourself and achieve.

Note: Due to technical difficulties related to the conference facility setup, this session recording was not successfully recorded. We have included Scott's educational session from Friday in case you did not attend that one. PLUS, we've included a program previously recorded of Scott presenting Be the Difference: It Only Takes One! to another organization.

Click here to listen to Communication and People Skills: Are You Who You Think You Are?

Click here to listen to Be the Difference: It Only Takes One!


Scott HuseScott Huse, Chief Inspirational Officer, Huse & Associates

Scott Huse is NOT perfect, which means he is full of experience! He began pursuing his goals in corporate life through sales and marketing. With his success, Scott discovered his passion and started Huse & Associates to train on personal and team development. During this time he also directed a national organization focused on increasing father involvement in schools with 30,000+ men volunteering. Seeing firsthand the value of a family's role in their student's academic success, Scott now leads Schools And Families Engaged (the S.A.F.E. TEAM on Campus www.thesafeteam.com). As a son, husband, father, leader, and entrepreneur Scott's focus is to bring the energy and connect his message. Learn more about Scott at www.scotthuse.com.


Defining Your Personal Truth: Unlocking Confidence, Capability, and Calling

Any successful sales person knows that the first sale you make is to yourself. Until that happens, no one else buys. Believing in yourself and your capabilities is the true key to achieving what you were meant to do. When that happens, you unlock the door to an influential life. Carrie will lead you through an exercise to develop personal truths that will change your self-image and the way you articulate your vision for your life. This program will help you present yourself in a confident, self-assured manner in all areas of your life.

Click here to listen to Defining Your Personal Truth: Unlocking Confidence, Capability, and Calling

Carrie Perrien Smith, President, Soar with Eagles, and Author of Currency: Striking Networking Gold in a Relationship Economy

Carrie Perrien SmithCarrie Perrien Smith, MBA is an entrepreneur and success coach. She helps people get more opportunities, bigger paydays, and sweeter success. Her most recent book is Currency: Striking Networking Gold in a Relationship Economy (www.networkingcurrency.com). Carrie is a training, communication, and publishing industry veteran. Her corporate career spanned 15 years, split between Texas Instruments and Walmart Stores, Inc. She founded her Rogers, Arkansas-based company, Soar with Eagles (www.soarhigher.com) in 2003. She books professional speakers, trainers, and consultants for company meetings and conferences. She also works with business leaders who want to brand themselves as experts in their industry and build a speaking and consulting business.

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